About Us

At Thomas Holme Elementary School we believe that the arts are an integral part of a student’s education. Thomas Holme is developing a body of research data that shows how integration can help struggling students learn standard curricula. We are committed to weaving the arts and standards curricula together to create a richer and more lasting learning experience for all 575 students.We are striving to achieve this by including literacy and mathematics in the arts programs by collaborating with grade level teachers. Arts integration is an excellent platform to reinforce common core standards, develop conceptual, technical, and problem solving skills. Our school has a higher than average concentration of students with emotional, social, and Autistic support needs. Arts therapy has proven, through experiential evidence, to benefit our population and reach challenging students.

Staff NamePosition
Abernethy, LoriComputer & Technology Skills
Arentzen, JenniferLearning Support
Beccari, Jeanine3rd Grade
Bencivengo, MelissaLearning Support
Benz, PatriciaSchool Based Teacher Leader
Birdsall, KrystleK-2 Literacy
Ciotti, JanenePhysical Education
Deliso, MicheleKindergarten
Diaz, Deborah5th Grade
Diegel, Brooke1st Grade
Dixon, SharonEnglish Learning Support
Donahue, AmyAutistic Support
Farris, CarliDance
Fleischman, Brandi3rd Grade
Godshalk, MarissaSpeech
Gomberg, Renee1st Grade
Heil, SusanAutistic Support
Heinrich, KimberlyKindergarten
Ingham-Shipp, Tracie4th Grade
Kim, Julie2nd Grade
Lynette, Andrew5th Grade
Mokan, Lisa6th Grade
Moser, Robert6th Grade
Nichol, Brittany2nd Grade
Olson, Brett1st Grade
Persichetti, KaylaKindergarten
Petit, NicholasMusic
Potocki, RoksanaArt
Puggi, Jessica5th Graqde
Reidy, Jennifer6th Grade
Rhindress, LisaEnglish Learning Support
Robinson, KimberlyKindergarten
Rodriguez, JudithAutistic Support
Roye-Gill, CrystlePrincipal
Saloky, Teresa3rd Grade
Seider, AmberEmotional Support
Sole, Anthony4th Grade
Struble, KandaceAutistic Support
Troy, Nichole4th Grade
Young, Sandra2nd Grade