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Holme Highlights

December Holme Highlights

New Kindergarten Attendance Initiative

Kindergarten students attendance is very important to us because when a student attends school regularly and on time he/she is more likely to succeed in academics. It is difficult for students and the teacher to BUILD the needed skills when there are gaps that are created from absences or lateness.

In an effort to increase our kindergarten attendance and show our appreciation to those families who attend regularly and on time,  we will begin to recognize ‘Weekly Perfect Attendance’. There will be an additional Dragon Buck earned weekly by each child that will enable he/she to exchange it for a small trinket on Fridays.

Knowing how vital parents are in the attendance process we want to include you in our show of appreciation as well. At the end of a month those of you who have been able to get your student to school daily and on time, names will be drawn for a more adult friendly trinket thanks to the support of our Home and School.

There is a more detailed letter coming home explaining in more depth.

We recognize illness and personal matters arise in anyone’s life, we simply want to keep kindergarten learning on everyone’s mind.

Parent Volunteers

Welcome to parent volunteers Brenda Reyes, Rebecca Golden,  and Charlene Pritchard-Giordano who have begun working in classrooms with teachers and students at Holme.

They again met with FACE liaison Toni Phillips on December 4th to create their schedules. We are so grateful for their presence.

If you are interested in being a volunteer and have your clearances just call and we can set up a schedule for you too.

Image of children in K1

Our little scientists hard at work using their observation skills and the Zoology resource for reading and science skills.

Last modified: December 6, 2017