School Schedule



The instruction for students begins at 8:30 A.M. However, students may have breakfast starting at 8:05. All students grades 1-6 enter through the cafeteria doors. Parents who bring their children to school may escort them to the cafeteria doors by 8:30 A.M. drop off and then move behind the doors for other children to enter. This will facilitate the students’ entrance into the building. At 8:15 students in grades 4-6 exit to the auditorium. Teachers of grades 1-3 pick students up from the cafeteria at 8:30 while teachers in grades 4-6 meet their classes in the auditorium. Students are to silently enter the halls in line with their teacher. No child is to enter the school building until admitted by an adult. Parents may not bring their children into the school using the front doors as an entrance. No child is permitted to use the front doors for entrance into the school. The breakfast room entrance is supervised beginning at 8:05 A.M. Children may not come to school before that time.

Students or students with their parents should not enter the building using doors other than those designated for the regular admission to the building. Parents who need to report to the office should do so using the main entrance. Parents wanting to confer with a teacher must enter school using the main door and then proceed to the office to make a request. No parents or visitors may go directly to a classroom.

Dismissal is at 3:09 P.M. each day by the rear doors. Upon dismissal, all students are to leave the school building. No student is permitted to leave the building through the front doors. Students staying for after school activities should report immediately to their assigned location. They may not go home and then return for extracurricular programs. No parent is permitted to wait in the school halls for their child/children, as this is unsafe and disruptive to the instructional program.

At dismissal, all students must leave the school grounds immediately. No one may remain in the schoolyard after school unless accompanied by a parent or designated adult. Students must obey crossing guards and cross streets at corners.


Period 1 8:30-9:15
Period 2 9:15-10:00
Period 3 10:00-10:45
Period 4  (1st Lunch/Recess) 10:45-11:30
Period 5  (2nd Lunch/Recess) 11:30-12:15
Period 6  (3rd Lunch/Recess) 12:15-1:00
Period 7  (4th Lunch/Recess) 1:00-1:45
Period 8 1:45-2:30
Period 9 2:30-3:09